LumiPlus Modulator

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LumiPlus Modulator

These allow full control of up to 15 underwater lights.
The Modulator has 1 mode indicator LED on the lower part and 4 pushbuttons: COLOR, SEQUENCE, SPEED and ON/SLEEP.
The main functions of the Modulator are:
· Switching the projectors on/off.
· Colour selection: 12 fixed colours available.
· Sequence selection: 8 sequences available.
· Sequence speed selection: 8 speeds available per sequence.
The Modulator can be controlled by the LumiPlus Remote Control, for more convenience.
The Modulator incorporates an antenna to receive the signal from the Remote Control.


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LumiPlus Modulator

The LED lighting system provides the colour atmosphere required for your pool at each instant. This is attained by LED lights, a remote control button set, a reception terminal and a transformer supplied apart. The LED lighting system provides a lighting of maximum luminosity in red, blue, and green lights (1 W). The combination of these three basic colours gives 12 different colour shades of high luminosity and liveliness.
By choosing the colours you want you can obtain any of the 9 different colour sequences. For pools under construction, in concrete or prefabricated, either a Standard model light with niche included, or flat model one not requiring any niche can be installed.
The existing niche can e used by only replacing the LED lighting unit, both in concrete as well as in prefabricated pools. The existing installation can be used without requiring the replacement of the transformer nor of the wiring.
The working life span of the LED units is of 10,000 h versus the 1,000 h for the conventional bulbs. Each of the units consumes only 60 W. Each of 5 LED lighting units requires one remote control, one reception terminal and one 300 W transformer.

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