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SHERBOURN PRE: PT-7000 & POWER 7-2100 


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SHERBOURN PRE: PT-7000 & POWER 7-2100 

Preamp Usability
The PT-7000 preamp is a relatively basic looking black box with few round buttons and a digital read-out. Its rear panel connections appear the same as a receiver minus the speaker terminals. It offers 7 full-range RCA outputs and a 1 low frequency output for the subwoofer. However, it does not contain any balanced XLR outputs. It does have two component inputs for HDTV and DVD video switching. Audio inputs include four optical and two coaxial jacks for digital audio as well as the usual analog RCA audio jacks for every source. S-video and composite video (yellow jacks) pass-thru video switching is also available, but it should be noted the unit does not offer composite/s-video to component up-conversion, which greatly simplifies video switching. Operating the preamp proved to be very straightforward. The on-screen menu simplifies setting surround delays, speaker levels, and crossover settings. I had no problems selecting audio/video inputs, surround modes, or matching speaker levels. The included universal remote control is a version of the Home Theater Master SL-8000 remote, without the LCD screen. The remote was easy to use to the control the preamp, as well as easy to teach commands from other components. All buttons are reasonably sized, and backlit, making it a great universal remote for your entire home theater system. As with most universal remotes, you press the source button to control that component. It works great most of the time, except you can’t adjust the volume when you are changing channels in SAT or TV mode, until you remember to hit AUD, then volume up/down. A minor gripe to an otherwise good, universal remote control.

Amp = Power
The PT-7000 is the brains of the system, but the 7/2100 multi-channel amplifier is the heart and soul. At 300 watts per channel @ 4 ohms (200 watts @ 8 ohms), it delivers more than enough clean power. Each mono amp includes a dedicated toroidal transformer, heat-sink, and 8 Bi-polar/Mosfet transistors. Now multiply that by seven, and in simple terms, you are getting seven individual amps packaged into one hefty unit.


PT-7000 Preamplifier/Processor/Tuner – MSRP: $1,500
Pros Cons
True Analog Bypass No THX Certification
Good Remote No Component Video Upconversion
Second Zone Output No XLR outputs
Configurability Options Limited
7/2100 Power Amplifier – MSRP: $2,850
Pros Cons
Load Detection System No THX Certification
7 Power Supplies Intermittent Shut-off in Music Mode
Monoblock Design


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