Pool-plus.com  knowledge and experience gained over more than 15 years on the market will help you make your pool projects a reality.

We will give you all the support and advice that you need throughout your project from the initial stages to the setup, and beyond to maintenance.

Pool-plus.com offers you comprehensive, value added solutions for any type of pool that guarantee the safety and comfort of users by simplifying maintenance.

Residential, community, municipal and competition pools; pools for private use, in hotels, resorts, water parks and sports complexes.

Every project is unique. Working on your projects with pool-plus.com means you will have the widest possible choice of product ranges, the benefits of our on-going

However, the greatest asset we can offer you is our team of professionals who will help you to choose the right pool that will give you maximum performance

whatever your project.We give our support to architects and engineers at the design stage. We advise quantity surveyors and builders during the building stage. We give pointers to installers on how to get the most out of our products and systems. Working with pool-plus.com means you are a member of a team that shares a common interest and goals. Pool-plus.com picks up on your ideas and needs to help you turn them into swimming pools. Pool-plus.com believes that the best part of an idea is being able to make it a reality.