Aquabot robotic pool cleaner K300

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Product information
A top-of-the-range Robotic Pool Cleaner designed to take residential pool cleaning to a whole new level of efficiency and ease.


Control your aquabot K300 by connecting it to the aquabot RC app on your smartphone or tablet, and enjoy the freedom of checking operational status, navigating your cleaner, and setting up and scheduling cleaning programs remotely.


The latest in pool cleaner technology for sparkling pool water all of the time
The aquabot K300 is the most advanced Robotic Pool Cleaner available for residential pools of any shape, and with any finish, up to 15 m long. Powered by the patented AquaSmart Gyro System, it uses a smart navigation algorithm to systematically clean the pool’s floor, wall, and waterline using the most efficient route every time.


Efficient and robust
BWT robotic cleaners are equipped with Breezer technology, an efficient and hard-wearing gear transmission; paired with two drive motors and a powerful pump to collect debris, the aquabot K300 APP is one of the most reliable pools cleaning robots on the market.


Unmatched suction power
Aquabot robotic cleaners feature the most powerful suction of any robot on the market. They can double their suction power through precise adjustment of the intake valves. The closer they are to the surface being vacuumed, the more powerful the suction. Suction can be adjusted to efficiently capture the type of debris to be picked up. Thus, close to a beach, for example, they can be set down low to effortlessly pick up every grain of sand.


Ensuring maximum ease-​of-​use and comfort for residential pool owners
Every aspect and feature of the aquabot K300 was designed to ensure maximum ease-​of-​use and comfort for the pool owner. Thanks to the aquabot K300 APP‘s ergonomic design and handgrip, handling is effortless when the pool needs to be cleaned. The premium trolley provides convenient storage and transport. Transparent windows allow the pool owner to monitor the build-up of dirt in the filter without removing it from its housing. In addition, a full filter indicator on the transformer alerts the pool owner if the filter needs to be cleaned. When it‘s time to clean the filter, it can be released from the top-access filtration system with the simple lift of a handle and washed without even getting your hands dirty!


Technical details

Pool dimensions For pools up to 15 m long (any shape or pool finish)
Cleaning type Floor, walls & waterline
Cleaning cycle duration 1.5, 2, 2.5 hours
Filter type 4D hyperfine
Filter access Easy Top Access, handle
Brushes 4 PVA brushes
Full filter indicator Yes
Extra brush Yes, vibrating PVC brush
Navigation algorithm AquaSmart
Gyroscope system Yes
Power supply < 29 Volt, SPS Full App
Power consumption < 150 Watt
Platform Dual drive, Breezer technology
Suction flow rate 19 m³/h
Cable length 18 m
Anti-tangle swivel Yes
Adjustable intake Yes, up to twice the suction power
Weight 11 kg
Transport / Storage accessory Premium trolley
Guarantee 3 years

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