CFSC Salt Chlorinators

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High-quality Salt Chlorinators


Model NO. CFSC
Chlorine Output 20/30/40/60 grams/hour
Salt Level 3000-4000 PPM
Cell lifetime 7000/10000/15000/20000 hours
Cell Self-cleaning Reverse polarity
Salt Chlorinator Style Suitable for ALL  Pool
Unit Gross Weight Round 11kgs


1. Water flow detector
2. Long life time cell 10000-15000 hours
3. Digital display and LED indicators
4. Accurate salinity level reading
5. Adjustable chlorine output
6. Super chlorination mode
7. High & low salt indicators & protection (working salt from 2300PPM to 6500PPM)
8. High & low-temperature indicators & protection (working temperature from 10-60c )
9. Cell failed indicator
10. Cell self-cleaning


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CFSC Salt Chlorinator

CFSC 30g Salt Chlorinator, CFSC 40G Salt Chlorinator, CFSC 60g Salt Chlorinator, SFSC 20g Salt Chlorinator

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