SPA Shine (Includes the thermal cover and delivery to your pavement)

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Our price includes the thermal cover and delivery to your pavement.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2120 × 2120 × 850 mm
Reclining/seated places: 1 reclining place / 5 seated places
Net weight (kg) / Water volume (l): 300 kg / 1110 l
Frame: Treated impregnated solid wood
Side cover: HorizontSide™
Reinforcement: Polyurethane
Insulation: Polyurethane foam (1 cm)
Power requirement: 1 × 16A 400V/50Hz
Control box: Gecko (IN.YJ-2)
Control panel: Easy4 (K-300)
Total number of jets: 42 pieces
Waterfall: 1 piece
Heating: 3kW
Pumps: 1× 2 HP dual speed
Cartridge filter: 1 Superfine paper filter
Water purification: Ozon generator
LED lights: 11 pieces LED
Head restraints: 3 pieces
Sound system: Mymusic™ 2.1
Thermal cover : yes

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