Zodiac Crystal Clear Glass filtration – 15kg

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Crystal Clear

Glass filtration media for crystal clear water

Ultra-fine grade for optimal filtration

Composed of 100% glass crystals selected for their large surface area contact, Crystal Clear guarantees an ultra-fine filtration (as small as 20 microns) for crystal clear water and an unmatched swimming comfort.

Total Weight in the filter: 10% less than the equivalante in sand. 1.0/3.0 mm sufficient to cover the filter laterals. 07/1.3 mm in addition, to make up the total weight

Technical specifications

Contents 100% pure glass crystals
Form Translucent
Dosage Total weight in the filter: 10% less than the equivalent in sand
1.0/3.0mm: Sufficient to cover the filter laterals
0.7/1.3mm : In addition, to make up the total weight
Filtration effeciency 77.9% turbidity reduction*
Bag dimensions (l x h) 45 x 65 cm
Bag net weight 15 kg (= shipping unit, skus can be mixed on a pallet)
* Turbidity reduction test carried in a lab using Crystal Clear fine under EN 16713-1 standard (test #7.2.4). Minimal regulatory requirement is 50%.


Composition of the MagnaPool® solution 

Hydroxinator® iQ + MagnaPool® minerals + Crystal Clear filtration media


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– MS media filter

Saves up to 75% of water during filter washes*

The Crystal Clear filter media used in MagnaPool® swimming pools consists of thousands of pure glass crystals. Unlike sand, it is not receptive to bacteria and only requires a short filter backwash. This means water consumption can be reduced by up to 75 %.


* Guideline values calculated for a 50-m3 swimming pool with a filtration of 13 m3/h and a 6-month season of use. A 4-min backwash (sand) every 3 weeks and a 2-min backwash (Crystal Clear) every 6 weeks.

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