Zodiac Magnesium Salt – 10kg

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MagnaPool® Minerals 10kg

A mineral-enriched swimming pool
of exceptional clarity

The MagnaPool® solution, with exclusive magnesium-based water treatment, combines the natural properties of MagnaPool® minerals with an exceptionally fine filtration system. When dissolved in the swimming pool, patented MagnaPool® minerals have a powerful clarifying effect using magnesium.

MagnaPool<sup>®</sup> MagnaPool<sup>®</sup> Minerals

Magnesium, an extraordinary beneficial power
from nature

Found in sea water as well as in the human body and all living tissues (being notably the main component of chlorophyll), magnesium is one of the essential minerals required for our bodies to function properly.
The relaxing virtues of magnesium-enriched baths have been recognised for many years. In particular we know that water rich in magnesium is beneficial for soothing pain, caring for the skin.

MagnaPool<sup>®</sup> MagnaPool Minerals

Unequalled bathing comfort
40% less chloramine

The water in a MagnaPool® contains 40% less chloramine than water treatment by salt chlorinators, these molecules are responsible for drying out the skin and irritating the eyes. MagnaPool® has no smell, thereby providing incomparable bathing comfort.

No added chemical disinfection products

The MagnaPool® solution requires no added chemicals, disinfectants or curative treatments (chlorine shock, algaecide, flocculants, etc.).
These advantages make MagnaPool® a treatment solution that is environmentally-friendly with particularly competitive maintenance costs.

Technical specifications

Contents Patented MagnaPool® minerals
Formulation Magnesium chloride and potassium chloride
Form Tablet/powder mixture
Dosage 5 g/L pr 5 kg/m3 – Concentration mesured in the water: 4 g/L or 4 kg/m3
Bag dimensions (W x H) 40 x 50 cm
Bag net weight 10 kg


Composition of the MagnaPool® solution

Hydroxinator® iQ + MagnaPool® minerals + Crystal Clear filtration media


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