VFD D12 Single Phase 2.2kw (Variable Freguency Drive) Save Energy on AC Pump

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Rated input current:

Rated output current

Voltage: 2200-240 VAC (Single Phase)

Motor Power (KW) 2.2

Phase: Single

Dimensions : 262 x 100 x 168 mm

D12 Series Mini frequency converter adopts advanced control mode to realize high torque, high precision, and wide speed regulation drive, which can meet various requirements of general frequency conversion. D12Series Mini frequency converter is a product that
organically combines customers’ general needs with industrial needs, and provides customers with practical
PID regulator, simple PLC, programmable input and output terminal control, remote synchronous control
Pulse frequency setting and other powerful functions provide a highly integrated solution for the majority of customers in equipment manufacturing and automation engineering, which is of great value in reducing system costs and improving system reliability

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