VFD D32 Three Phase 5.5Kw(Variable Freguency Drive) Save Energy on AC Pump

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Rated input current: 20.7A

Rated output Current 12.6A

Voltage: 380-480 VAC (three Phase)

Motor Power (KW) 5.5

Phase: Three

Dimensions : 262 x 100 x 168 mm

D32 series is a new generation of high-performance inverters from Danahe. It is designed to meet the application needs of the majority of users. It has rich functions, excellent and stable performance, and a simple and novel structure. D32 series inverter adopts advanced speed sensorless vector control technology, advanced motor parameter identification, online estimation technology, and advanced flux linkage estimation technology, no matter in speed regulation range, dynamic response, control accuracy, and low-frequency torque has been greatly improved


Main Input
Rated voltage and frequency
1 phase 200V class: 200V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
3 phase 400V class: 380V-480V, 50Hz/60Hz
Allowable value of change
Voltage: 220V-15% ~ 240V+10%; Frequency: ±5% Voltage: 380V-15% ~ 480V+10%; Frequency: ±5%
Main output
Output voltage
Maximum output voltage equals to input voltage
Output frequency
0.5 Hz to 400 Hz
Overload capacity
150% of rated output current for 60s 200% of rated output current for 2s
Control performance
Control mode
V/f control for constant torque, V/f control for quadratic load, vector control without PG (open loop control),Energy-saving
Setting method of run command
Outer terminal, keyboard panel, serial communication
Setting method of speed command
Analog setting, keyboard, serial communication, UP/DOWN speed setting from external terminal
Speed setting resolution
Keyboard: 0.1 Hz Analog setting: 0.05/50Hz (10bit)
Speed control precision
V/f control: ±2% vector control without PG (open loop control): ±0.2%
Speed control range
V/f control 1:40 vector control without PG (open loop control) 1:200
Acceleration and Deceleration Time
Switching frequency
1.5 kHz ~ 12 kHz, according to junction temperature automatically reduce the switching frequency
Serial Communication
2-way RS-485, MODBUS-RTU, RJ45 connection port
Ingress protection
Working temperature
Storage temperature
No condensed water or drip at 5 ~ 95%, In accordance with IEC60068-2-3
1000m or below (Derating is necessary when the altitude is higher than 1000m)
Cooling method
Installation place
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