Zodiac Vortex RV 5300 4×4

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Zodiac Vortex RV 5300 4WD – pool robot

The Zodiac Vortex RV 5300 4WD – swimming pool robot is a real top innovation from Zodiac. With its VORTEX technology for constant and powerful cyclonic suction, it is the most intelligent of all Vortex robots. And thanks to its four-wheel drive, the Zodiac Vortex RV 5300 4WD – swimming pool robot can overcome obstacles and find traction on any type of soil, for impeccable cleaning with maximum comfort.

Ultra-Powerful And Constant Cyclone Suction

Created by Zodiac engineers, the first robotic pool cleaners with cyclone suction can hold debris in suspension using their high-power vortex inside the filter, helping to reduce filter blockages and maintain cleaning performance.

All-Terrain Agility

The RV 5300 is equipped with 4-wheel drive, giving it a perfect grip on the walls. It is suitable for all types of surfaces and more easily overcomes obstacles

High Suction Capacity

The RV 5300 robotic cleaner guarantees perfect large-scale cleaning. With its extra wide suction inlet and its high-capacity 5 L filter, it can suck up and store all types of debris.

Zodiac Vortex RV 5300 4WD – pool robot

Four-wheel drive swimming pool robot with super powerful and constant suction. Lighter when exiting the water. It includes the electronic Gyro system to prevent the 18-meter floating cable from deteriorating due to possible knots that may occur during the cleaning cycles and to further optimize the performance of this robot model. Bottom, walls, and waterline cleaning for swimming pools up to 80 m² and well-adhering PVA brushes.

Swimming pool dimensions 15×6
Cleaning Bottom / Walls / Waterline
Cleaning cycle 1.5h (Bottom) 2.5h (Bottom, Walls, Waterline)
Remote control no
Cable length 18 meters
Number of Cleaning rolls 1 of PVC
Filtration Filtration 60-200 microns, Capacity 5 liters
Number of engines Total 3 Motors: 1 Filtration – 2 Traction motors
4WD Including
Capacity 16m3/h
Weight 9.5 kg
Transport trolley Including
Guarantee 5 years
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